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A Crockett & Jones store in Northampton, England

1879: Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett establish Crockett & Jones in Northampton, England, with a grant from the Thomas White Trust. The company specializes in manufacturing Goodyear-welted footwear, taking advantage of Northampton's renowned shoe-making skills.

1890s: The second generation of Harry Crockett and Frank Jones modernize the company with advanced machinery, particularly equipment produced by Charles Goodyear, leading to increased production efficiency and lighter manual work.

1897: Crockett & Jones expands the company into a larger factory, purchasing the facility which remains in use by the company to this day.

1910s: The company begins exporting a significant portion of its production to various countries including Australia, Argentina, South Africa, USA, and the Far East, while the UK remains its principal market.

South African Expansion

1919, August 6th: Crockett & Jones trademark is first registered in South Africa.

1950s: Manufacturing of Crockett & Jones products begins in South Africa.

1980s: Richard Jones, then managing director, sells the South African Crockett & Jones company and its distribution rights for Southern Africa to Shoe Corporation of Africa Ltd, a subsidiary of S.A. Breweries.

1987: S.A. Footwear, formerly Shoe Corporation of Africa Ltd, is taken over by Conshu Ltd after S.A. Breweries merges with Conshu Holdings Ltd. Conshu, a major footwear manufacturer with factories across South Africa, organizes regionally with Barker being part of the Cape Region.

2002: A Management Buyout occurs, with ownership of the company being acquired by factory-based directors.

2013: Bolton Footwear (Pty) Ltd purchases Crockett & Jones South Africa.

2017: Barker, manufacturing Crockett & Jones footwear, relocates its manufacturing facility from Epping, Cape Town to the Bolton Footwear premises in Elsies River as part of group resource consolidation.

Crockett & Jones showcase

Present (2024): Crockett & Jones footwear continues to be manufactured by Bolton Footwear in Elsies River, South Africa, maintaining the legacy of quality craftsmanship established by its founders.