Shoes of rare distinction

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Ray Emes, James Wood


Longwing Brogue

Hand Sewing


Leather, Rubber, Thread

Shoes Of Rare Distinction

Blind eyelets

These offer a more seamless appearance, which makes them suitable for dress footwear.


The build consists of leather board and a rubber top piece. Leather board is made of an irregularly laid mixture of different leather fibers and compressed into a firm material. Rubber is slip-resistant, offering a better grip on treacherous surfaces. It also has the advantage of being oil-resistant.

Welted shoes

Goodyear welted shoes are considered a high-quality construction. They are durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. Goodyear welted shoes remain the most prestigious shoe construction among dress shoe and work boot admirers.

Upper leather – full grain

Strong and durable, full grain leather is made using the entire hide, meaning it is resistant to wear and long-lasting. The durability is provided by a surface coating that contains a pigment, offering resistance to scuffing.
Shoes of rare distinction

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Shoes of rare distinction

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Hand Sewing

Leather, Rubber, Thread